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Three coordinates products are released in september.
Don't miss it.


In August we're going to open a new shop at Laforet Harajuku.
And new items for autumn are prepared. Don't miss it.


In this month we strongly recommend embossing items: a purse and a bag. Its design is our original. It's so cool! Don't miss it.

PDFver. Click here

In this month we're going to release some sweet clothes for summer.
And new accessories are prepared.
Don't miss it!

PDFver. Click here

In this month we especially recommend 4 coordinates. Which do you like the best?
And new accessories such as bags and stoles are prepared.

Spring is coming. Short sleeves will be released in this month. Are you prepare for summer?
we will close from December 31 to January 3.
It has finally become breezy and we are getting closer to Autumn!

Now here we have the September flyer!

Please check it out!
We are in the middle of the hot summer but here we have the new Autumn collection to introduce! And now we are going to start the coat reservations so please come and visit our shop!

Please visit our website for more informations!
Here we are going to introduce all the collections from summer to early spring!!
The UV lights have become really strong now. Here we have the items such as the umbrellas that will be able to protect you from it! Most of these items will be sold on the end of May so please come check it out!
The cutews,bags and the new accessories are very fulfilling!
Try coordinating a choker on the neck under your mufflers which makes you go up a level!
We have the laced frilled items on one hand but a hard leather style on the other! Please check it out!
It is still very cold these days but we have a lot of the bright coloured items in display at our shop!

The 3 way bag with the red and black colour will be in stock soon!

You won't be able to take your eyes of Miho Matsuda this spring!
Our MIHO MATSUDA Shinsaibashi shop will be moving from 3F to B2F.

It has been 12 years since we have opened the Shinsaibashi shop. The new place will be slightly larger than the old place so customers will be able to see the items more comfortably.

The 3F will be opened until February the 25th and the B2F will preopen from February the 28th. We are planning to open it from the 1st of March.

Thank you to all customers that have been supporting us and we are looking forward your visit!
*Final Sale*

Our final sale will be held until the 16th of February 11 o'clock! Please check it out at our stores and online stores too!
This year is left with 50 days to go!

There are a lot of events that are going to be held so please keep on checking our blogs and websites etc!

I hope that the rest of this year will be a great one for every one!
It has been more cold these days. Winter has come so close!

Here we also have a lot of the winter items in stock for example the coats, mufflers and gloves!

We are going to hand the flyers out in the beginning of November so please check it out!
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